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The Metaverse Architects

Crypto | Blockchain | Web 3.0 | Gaming | Betting | Deep Tech

About Mirkwood Ethereal

Unleashing the power of intuitive & immersive technologies.

As early proponents of decentralized economies, we have been creating blockchain-based games & metaverses, designing & minting NFTs, customizing tokens, developing AR & VR solutions, creating smart contracts, developing software, and disrupting much more in the DeFi & Web3 space.



If you’re looking to create your metaverse, web3 project or game, rest assured there can be a minimum viable product ready in just about 60 days by Mirkwood Ethereal.

Our Games

We are your go-to-partners to deploy your take-to-market scope.

Every project we undertake is a challenge for us to outperform ourselves. Our imagination starts at Web3 and goes beyond, evident from successful case studies and umpteen projects to showcase.

kokoverse logo_edited.png

Multiplayer Metaverse with NFTs and its own cryptocurrency

A multiplayer battle of apes game built on the foundations of Artificial Intelligence with visually spectacular gameplay, multiple competition arenas, custom artifacts & weapons.


NFT Minting, Bidding and Sales marketplace with Metamask

NFTVerse is a web 3.0 based application that leverages smart contracts across multiple blockchains to create an intuitive ecosystem to mint, trade or store NFT's. We use NFTVerse to build utilitarian solutions for brand building and customer loyalty.

race kingdom logo1.jpeg

Betting-based street racing metaverse game with its own cryptocurrency.

Race Kingdom is an upcoming blockchain-powered NFT-based multilingual Metaverse steed racing game platform with an NFT marketplace, camel racing, and its own in-game token $ATOZ. MENA region's own specialized game.

logo transparent (1).png

Fully immersive Metaverse-based game with its own NFTs.

The game was created at a grand scale featuring its own series of books, merch, comics, animated series and NFTs. World of Kong is an in house IP being developed. The MVP was created in record 60 days!


The Mirkwood Ethereal Advantage

Launch your Metaverse
in just 60 days!


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