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Make smarter wholesale or retail business decisions by integrating, automating, and connecting your entire quote-to-cash process. An inventory management software program that tracks goods throughout your entire supply chain, from the point of purchase to the point of sale. Your approach to inventory management is governed by this system. Any venture dealing with stock will require a tracking and control system.

No matter if you run a small-scale industry or large-scale enterprise, your business will quickly run into situations where the goods are either overstocked or understocked.

You can calculate the number of components or ingredients you need to put into your final product together through our inventory software “Atlanbooks”. Your bottom line may suffer if you end up with excess stock or with insufficient stock to meet customer demand without this information.

From simple approaches to comprehensive solutions, you can choose from a plethora of different systems. It is important to know that you sell more if your distributors sell more. Data-driven decisions could make distributor management easier. With Atlanbooks you can analyze sales data, and make better decisions. The data represents sales and inventory information of Distributors along with sales reports, inventory visibility, calendar, memos, messages, etc, to help your staff for better coordination.

Business Challenges

Distribution management directly affects the profitability of an organization. It is important to examine the challenges faced by sales channels to understand the importance of DMS. We have incorporated better solutions in Atlanbooks to resolve the issues of sales and inventory management. Any retail business suffers through the following business issue during supply chain management:

  • Limited capital to invest heavily in multiple software.

  • Real-time information on orders, inventory, claims, and returns are unavailable, leading to under or overstocking.

  • Limited technology access leads to missing data and information.

  • The product is out of stock

  • The fragmented system

  • Entering data incorrectly can lead to manual errors

We provide the solution :

Altanbooks can handle inventory management, warehousing, finance, sales, and service.

The DMS monitors and controls the distribution network. The database contains all the data and information about clients, stock, and sales. Accessing, analyzing, and reporting the data becomes easier with Atlanbooks. DMS also includes CRM features that ensure customer satisfaction. Your company will be more productive and get better sales since there is a reduction in workforce, operational costs, and processing time.

Why choose us?

  1. Altanbooks is an "All In One solution" for your inventory management issue.

  2. You will not need to use multiple software programs.

  3. It is a highly scalable and cost-effective solution, making it the ideal choice for SMEs and Startups.

  4. You don't need special training to use it as the software is easy to use and self-explanatory.

  5. It assures quick deployment and hassle-free migration

Altanbooks provides sharp insights into business via reports:

  • Profit and loss

  • Purchase report

  • Sales report

  • Items report

  • Stock report

  • Customer group

  • Expense report

  • Supplier report

  • Tax report

What features do we provide?

  1. CRM module to track the progress of marketing campaigns

  2. HRM module to manage employees leaves and performance

  3. ERP to manage inventory and other resources

  4. POS Billing to update inventory and generate invoice

  5. SCM to maintain the flow of goods and information across the supply chain

  6. Accounting module to track sales, returns, discounts, and orders

Why is the product essential?

Due to inventory miscalculations, business owners face the greatest challenge of not being able to fulfill orders. We provide real-time tracking of inventory levels and locations using our inventory management software Atlanbooks. To help streamline your daily operations and increase efficiency, we have developed a state-of-the-art inventory management system. Specifically designed for small to midsize businesses, our inventory control software solution is user-friendly and powerful.

With this cost-effective inventory management solution, you can address many common problems that were previously only addressed by expensive enterprise-level solutions. If you are looking for a cutting-edge inventory management system to facilitate inventory control and manufacturing the Atlanbook is the final answer. Your company can keep track of inventory, products, vendors, purchase orders, and sales orders using Inventory Management. It will facilitate:

Reporting in real-time

Invest your energy in business growth and core capabilities by saving time.

100% implementation

Atlanbooks best feature is it's easy use interface and understanding

Integration flexibility

Communicate with your customers more effectively by integrating messages

How does it work?

Atlanbook is an inventory management software that reduces errors in purchasing, inventory tracking, and customer service by automating processes and automating processes. The distribution network management system has everything you need for efficient monitoring. A steady supply of goods across your value chain is ensured by modules dedicated to inventory management, purchasing, sales, CRM, and accounting


Improved Decision Making

Having enough inventory on hand is critical to generating a profit for every aspect of a business. Through a wide range of built-in reports, Inventory Management Software allows users to make informed decisions based on real-time data from the software. By providing you with sales performance, our inventory control system will make it possible to accurately forecast future sales.

Increase the accuracy of sales and purchase orders

Use our powerful Inventory Management System to increase the accuracy of your sales and purchase orders. Dynamic Inventory allows users to guarantee customer satisfaction by reserving stock across multiple locations.

Work with a master database.

A single database can be used to manage supplier onboarding. It is easy to find supplier names and email addresses. It will provide you with quick and easy access to information.

Standardize and automate accounting throughout the supply chain.

When you have all the numbers you need in one place, creating financials is much simpler. It is easy to record the billed amount, paid amount, credits, and type of payment.

Streamline the ordering process.

Create a smooth process flow, from issuing a quote to completing an order. Orders are tracked across the value chain and the status of each order can also be viewed.


A business's inventory management can make or break it. Current assets are often the largest item on a balance sheet. Managing the supply chain, on the other hand, can allow a business to succeed. You can make smart business decisions and close sales with confidence through Atlanbooks. It provides you with real-time information about what sells well and what doesn't - that is, what to order more of and what to reduce to maximize profits. Avoid inventory shortages and excess inventory with this software. Atlanbooks is software that automates the tracking of inventory, planning inventory, and manufacturing process for business owners.

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