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Crypto Jackpots

Regulated lottery platform run on Blockchain

Add raffles to your metaverse!

Regulated lottery platform run by cryptocurrency

Crypto Jackpots is one of our many crypto enabled games that allows the user to participate in transparent blockchain backed lottery games. We customize this solution to suit your needs.


Compliant with DED


Raffles and drops have become one of the largest forces driving user retention metrics in the last few years. We've built you a solution to increase engagement and retention by 117%
User Retention
Raffle admin panel allows you to add or remove payment methods in crypto as well as fiat. Create air drops, paid raffles or free raffles to keep your users engaged
Powerful Admin
Our platform can also be used as a stand alone jackpot / lotto / lottery platform with the base version or you can commission us to customize this for your business. We are compliant with certified RNG and transparent, robust source code.
Regulatory Compliance

Get your users retention rates up!

Set Sail On Adventures to Win Tokens and Unlock Rare Items

Reward your users, get them hooked on to your metaverse project today!


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