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Hospital Information Management System

Ayushtoma: HMS


Ayushtoma is a Hospital Management System (HMS) designed to eliminate problems arising from managing all the paperwork of every patient associated with the various departments of a hospital. With Ayushtoma, hospitals can reduce the workload of the staff in organizing and analyzing patient databases and tremendous paperwork. Hospital management system software help you to carry out the entire process in a systematic manner including:

  • Patient registration

  • Appointment schedule

  • Electronic med record

  • Doctor’s portal

  • Lab management

  • Lab reports

  • Pharmacy Management

  • Inventory Management

Ayushtoma is the smartest blend of technology and healthcare that utilizes its features efficiently to get maximum work done.

Our Hospital management system software offers an easy way to manage hundreds of concurrent operations in a hospital. It brings together all data and processes of a hospital into a single software.

It enables you to manage patients, doctors, inventory, appointments, billing information, finances, and much more from a unified 360-degree view.

By automating the process, the system ensures that it is highly efficient and fast.

Therefore, hospitals can provide quality services in addition to high-quality medical care.

Our software program is designed to cater to all the complexities that arise during the hospital management process.

Business Challenges

  • How to ensure the patient's medical records are up to date?

  • How do you keep a track of their contact information?

  • How to schedule appointments in advance?

  • How can we store the insurance information for future use?

  • How to keep track of the bill payments?

  • How do we protect our data?

  • How to carry Error-Free Processing?

  • Is there any way to streamline Diagnosis and Treatment?

  • Can we increase Hospital Quality Ratings?

  • What is the best way to reduce Paperwork?

Why is Ayushtoma a Modern Healthcare Solution?

  1. Ayushotma reduces patient waiting time due to its high functioning

  2. It improves bed turnaround and increases customer follow up rate

  3. Our HMS is well designed to optimize medical equipment utilization

  4. We guarantee to increase your performance and revenue.

  5. Asyushtoma will improve overall patient satisfaction with utmost efficiency

What sets us apart?

  • Constant innovation

  • Years of experience

  • Affordable quality service

How does it work?

In hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers, handling patient bills and appointments becomes chaotic. But Ayushtoma has streamlined the process.

Ayushtoma, a Hospital management system software has evolved to create a systematic process. This software reduces the use of paper by keeping all important information in one place. It facilitates the process for physicians to coordinate with other departments regarding patient’s history, lab reports and other medical health records.

With the software, prescriptions, bills, and other calculations can be maintained digitally, saving time and ensuring efficiency. This way doctors can then focus on their core duties while the other departments can focus on maintaining standards, check on inventory and data management systems.

Setting up timings without a hitch is possible.

With Ayushtoma you can schedule appointments easily. Appointments can be managed via IVR, app, or online and queues in waiting rooms can be handled instantly.

Invoicing is Easy

Record payments and create bills in a systematic way by this software. Therefore the staff can reduce the manual errors in the bill processing.

Medical Records

Ayustoma will maintain all digital records of your patient's visits and history. Furthermore, this software adheres to international data standards. All your data is safe and secure with our hospital management software.

Key Features

  1. An easy-to-use, scalable, and affordable solution for all your management needs.

  2. Provides end-to-end Hospital Management.

  3. From registration to stock refill, you can digitize everything

  4. Multi-Location Support

You can manage multiple locations through a centralized and integrated system

  • Patient Management

Hospital staff can virtually handle all data and appointments

  • Doctor’s Portal

The software enables and helps doctors to easily handle patients

  • Inventory Management

You will be able to track and order inventory at the right time

  • Laboratory Management

Ayushtoma help you to manage donors and lab reports

  • Finance Management

The software helps you to manage payments, commission, taxes and obtain key metrics

  • GST and Doctor’s Commission

Create payment procedures and set up the percentage of GST and commission

  • Payments and expenses

With the Ayushtoma you can add, remove and edit payments and expenses.

  • Create activity reports and track all financial activities.


Quick Diagnosis and Treatment

Ayushtoma, a smart Hospital management system project, has the primary benefit of improving diagnosis and treatment for patients. Through our HMS, a patient's health report and medical history, as well as the illness he is suffering from and the treatment he received, can be added and accessed by experts.

By leveraging this knowledge, doctors can provide better care to their patients.

An improved revenue management system

Hospitals or medical centers serve humanity, but profitability is also important since they are businesses. Hospitals require a fortune to run, and it is impossible to track revenue using age-old manual systems.

Effective Inventory Management

There are many items in a hospital's inventory, whether it is multispecialty or surgical, including medications, medical instruments, biodegradable items like masks, gloves, and syringes, patient refreshment, bedding products, and much more. To ensure the smooth operation of the hospital, Ayushtoma helps to keep these items up to date at all times.

Enhance data security

Data theft and cyber attacks are more likely to occur in hospitals with manual systems compared to those with automated systems. An integrated hospital management system protects all information from unauthorized access.

Track every error and nullify it

Hospital management is not an easy job, and mistakes do happen quite often. Although manual systems can guarantee 99% accuracy, the chances of errors and mistakes can never be denied. Our hospital management system automates the entire process to eliminate these risks and help you avoid court cases and compliance issues, which are regarded as the two most significant drawbacks of hospitals and medical centers.


Over the last few years, medical technology has advanced significantly, and there has been a revolution in how hospitals manage and automate. With Ayushtoma, all the doctors, patients, hospital staff, groups, and workflows are better coordinated.

These solutions unify legal objects, organize doctor portals, and also manage a multitude of user requests, resulting in an uninterrupted flow of information between doctors, patients, and staff.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of implementing Ayushtoma, a Smart Hospital Management System? Contact us for a FREE DEMO!

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